Friday, January 1, 2010

Motorcycles and Hot Water

The ratio of cars to motorcycles in Colorado is about 100:1. In Bangalore it is about 1:2. In Colorado you can go a whole day without hearing anybody honk. In Bangalore on the big streets there is almost constant honking. After having been here for two days I have already seen two cows just wandering around on the streets.

There is a completely different culture here, and I love it. Most people speak English but we just went to a store where nobody spoke it. We managed very well just by pointing and sign language. Then they brought their English-speaking friend in and he translated from there.

Since our hot water heater can’t heat up enough water at one time to have a real shower, we instead have sponge baths. We fill up a bucket with hot water and pour the water over ourselves with a measuring cup. It’s much more efficient than a shower.

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