Friday, January 1, 2010

Visiting Our School

January is supposed to be the coldest month in Bangalore but it was about 80 degrees here both today and yesterday. A lot of people here think that 60 degrees is freezing and shudder as we describe the snow in Colorado to them. Bangalore is so different from Colorado because of the amount of people who are really poor. Also there will be glossy high rises next to piles of trash; there is a huge difference in between the income of the rich and the poor but very little difference geographically.

Today we went shopping in the morning, returned to our apartment, and then visited the school we are going to go to. Our school has uniforms, which are made up of the regular uniform, your typical beige skirt and beige shirt deal, a school t-shirt, school jeans, and a school tracksuit! You also get school paper notepads. They are going to teach us challenging science at my new school, a fact that was proven when I took a pre-exam¹ and was mystified by all the science questions. The English, however, is pretty simple.

¹ You see how I used exam instead of test? Am I picking up the kind of British English that most people speak here or what?


  1. Thats soooo cool! I'm in Mexico right now for a wedding. The weather here is very warm and I'm about to go parasailing! Hope yu are having a great time!
    -Michaela :D